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Product innovations

Connectivity | Klippon® Connect | Application range – Control voltage distribution

Klippon® Connect control voltage distribution terminal blocks AAP support the compact design of control voltage distribution and ensure effective control voltage of the equipment on the panel. The unique modular concept can be tailored to every type of machine. The potential distribution terminal blocks AAP are successful thanks to their uniform design with two possible constructions – alternating or grouped. Cross-connection options save space and avoid miswiring.

  • Space saving by combining positive and negative potentials on a single terminal block
  • Quick fuse replacement by simply opening and releasing the fuse holder from the compound
  • Coloured pusher for potential discrimination in control current distributions from 0 to 400 V
  • Two cross-connection channels for attachments and expansions

Quick and simple installation of energy recovery by DC-Link for drives

OMNIMATE® Power BUS connection system

The innovative latch-in bus system consists of two different busbar connectors with spring contacts. They enable a fast, tool-free connection of individual modules in addition to the connection of the entire module network to the power supply. A significant advantage of the modular system is the possibility of connecting intermediate circuits to the front or top of the device. Thus, the system is ideally adaptable to any particular installation conditions.

  • Quick and easy installation of multi-axis servo drives without tools
  • 100 % finger-safe system construction due to insulation end cap
  • Safe latching of the busbar connectors
  • Tolerance compensation for a module offset of up to 2 mm
  • Simple device integration and uncomplicated device approval

Contact protection and EMC shielding for power electronics

OMNIMATE® Power connectors with a pluggable shielding plate

Our new OMNIMATE® power connectors and pin headers feature a pluggable shield support with special EMC spring contact strip. This enables the large-area, permanent and vibration-proof shield connection to the device housing. Thanks to finger safety on both sides of the male and female connectors, this solution is also suitable for applications with reverse voltage.

  • Contact of the EMC shielding to the metal housing of the device directly when plugging in
  • Reliable locking with screw flange or central flange locking
  • Variable cable shielding outlet directions for easy device integration and adaptation to various housing formats

Phase Distribution Busbars

Secure connection of all circuit breakers

With the new phase busbar range, Weidmüller covers all common variants for 10 mm² and 16 mm² cross-sections. All rail variants are available in different lengths and fork or pin versions. To complete the range, we offer a wide array of accessories consisting of suitable power supply modules, end caps, and covers. Weidmüller phase rails comply with the requirements of DIN EN 61439 and therefore already meet the requirements of future European directives.

  • Finger-safe and VDE-qualified potential distribution solution
  • Wide range for all common pole numbers and lengths
  • End caps for high finger safety even after cutting to the required number of poles
  • Choice of three feed directions with only one feed terminal

Klippon® Connect for smart wiring in buildings

Automation and growing data volumes are of increasing importance in building technology. Precise, unambiguous data wiring systems are thereby essential for efficient cabinet assembly. The Klippon® Connect KNX-terminal blocks provide the wiring of the main and reserve leads for KNX Bus wiring systems within a 7 mm combined block width. At each level, a double cross-connection point yields quick and easy distribution of the potential within the terminal.

  • Numerous marking possibilities
  • Colour coded terminals for each wire colour
  • Standardised accessories
  • Minimal space requirements due to 3.5 mm individual terminal width